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Aimee Rutherford - Yoga Teacher

Amy Blythe - Yoga Teacher

Caroline Carr - Life Coach

Charlotte Turnbull - Workplace Wellbeing

Dave Algeo - Men's Mental Health Expert

Deliciously Ella - Nutritionist

Doctor’s Kitchen - Nutritionist GP

Dr Laura Knowles - Chiropractor

Dr Rangan Chatterjee - Holistic GP

Gail Morgan - Style and Image Consultant

Greg Harvey - Personal Trainer

Helen Eves - Counsellor

Hulya Erdal - Transformational Coach and Professional Chef

Jessica Watson - Yoga Teacher

Lisa Lloyd - Business Psychologist

Lori Weber - Health Coach

Lucy Wyndham-Read - Personal Trainer

Jo Tocher - Holistic Coach and Therapist

Joe Wicks - Personal Trainer

John Kenny - Relationship Coach




Katie Hodgkinson - Hormone Expert and GP

Madeleine Shaw - Nutritionist

Maria Watson - Productivity Expert

Michelle Minnikin - Psychologist

Money & Pensions Service - Financial Wellbeing Experts

Natalie Yunnie - Yoga Teacher

Neina Sheldon - Seasonal Affective Disorder Expert

Nicki Williams - Hormone And Menopause Expert

Nigel Lowson - Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher

Patch Welling - Counsellor

Paula Gardner - Psychologist

Rachel McGuinness - Workplace Health Expert

Rebecca Deller - Laughter Yoga

Sam Dossa - Emotional Intelligence Coach

Sarah Steel - Financial Expert

Susie Kong - Health Coach

Suzanne Gamache - Psychologist

Tim Watts - Independent Financial Advisor

The Yoga Factory - Yoga Studio

Vicki Baumann - Yoga Teacher

Yoga with Adriene - Yoga Teacher

Yoga with Kassandra - Yoga Teacher

Yoga with Lucy - Yoga Teacher