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Past ZestCast recordings

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  • Banishing Burnout! with Psychologist Lisa Lloyd, 16 September 2021 WATCH HERE
  • 'Are you sweating the right sprouts' - positive coping during uncertain and challenging times with Dave Algeo, 24 June 2021, WATCH HERE
  • Your personal brand and why it's so important with personal brand expert Sally Inkster, 27 May 2021 WATCH HERE
  • Solution Focused Hypnotherapy - Coping With Our Hunter-Gatherer Brain with Joe Forshaw, 13 May 2021 WATCH HERE
  • Why don't you yoga with yoga teacher Vicki Baumann WATCH HERE
  • Aromatherapy and mental health with holistic therapist, Jo Tocher, 15 April 2021 WATCH HERE
  • Learn to eat, not diet with nutrition and weight loss coach Lori Weber, 8 April 2021 WATCH HERE
  • It's not you, it's your hormones with women's health and hormone expert Nicki Williams, 25 March 2021 WATCH HERE
  • Personal branding in an online world with style and image expert Gail Morgan, 11 March 2021 WATCH HERE
  • What the workplace can learn from wellbeing in rugby with former Irish International Peter Bracken, 3 March 2021 WATCH HERE
  • Rediscover your fitness mojo with Greg Harvey WATCH HERE
  • How to create and understand better relationships with John Kenny WATCH HERE
  • Men and their social connections with Dave Algeo WATCH HERE
  • Pandemic Postural Problems with Dr Laura Knowles WATCH HERE